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Establishing Oil Seed Rape...

... with a 5.0 t/ha yield potential

Scanning the local comics I hit upon a very reputable company's gross margin comparison for various crop types. For Oil Seed Rape (OSR) the analysis indicated that for over 450 producers the range of results varied from £400 to £1,000.00 / ha.

OSR is expensive to grow at the best of times. The more problems that occur the more you spend and the more this eats into your margin per hectare.

Currently there is only ONE problem talked about and that is Cabbage Stem Flea beetle. There are however, many more problems associated with growing OSR once you get past this ONE point.

Drilling OSR at the beginning of August has been proposed by many as a means of overcoming the ONE problem. However results indicate that the likelihood of “success” by doing just this is around 50%.

What is not talked about are other problems of using this early drill strategy.

The Problems

Aphids and virus

Cabbage Root fly


Light leaf spot

Club root


Broad leaf weeds

Why more of a problem?

There is more time for each problem to complete its life cycle and become fully damaging.

There are more cycles of each problem

There is an increased occurrence.

The levels of infection are higher

The costs to you relate to more in part to agrochemicals

Higher rates of use

Greater frequency of use

When you remove Cabbage Stem Flea beetle problems from the equation and think more about growing the crop – why the rush to drill in early August?

Just remember; for some problems you cannot buy an effective control measure. Drill at an inappropriate time and you will have lower yield this year as well as the next time you grow OSR in that field - no matter how much you spend whilst growing this season’s crop.

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