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COVID-19 a second visit

I thought this was an interesting piece of information on how to avoid COVID.

“Talking to people indoors, who are not part of your household, is one of the main ways COVID is spread.”

Dr Chris Williams explained that every time you stop to talk to someone not belonging to your household has the potential to create a transmission event. Chatting in pubs, restaurants and homes is "mostly" how the virus is spreading. It has nothing to do with the nature of the pub or bar, it's just the fact that you're talking which is great for transmission.

He also explained that while hand washing was a very important part of getting rid of the virus, more evidence was supporting the fact that the virus is a "respiratory droplet infection". “The closer you are talking to someone, the better it transmits.”


The incubation period for COVID-19 (i.e. the time between exposure to the virus and the onset of symptoms) is currently estimated to be between one and 14 days.

We know that the virus can be transmitted when people who are infected show symptoms such as coughing.

When is a person infectious?

The infectious period may begin up to two and a half days before symptoms appear, but people are most infectious during the symptomatic period, even if symptoms are mild and non-specific. The extent to which such asymptomatic infections contribute to the overall transmission is uncertain.

The infectious period is estimated to last for eight to 10 days in moderate cases, and up to two weeks on average in severe cases.

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