• Philip

Chitting Oil Seed Rape

Following on from my post yesterday, I think we may have had enough rain now to get small seeds such as Oil Seed Rape (OSR) to chit. I have it on fairly good authority we don’t need anymore for a while.

I would like to think all the Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle have now drowned but I realise this is unlikely to be the case.

Research with other beetle pests in OSR shows “Rainfall was not a statistically significant variable with the only statistically significant variable was landscape in relation with the area of OSR grown in the previous year.”

I guess that means that slugs are now more likely to be a problem, that is in additions to flea beetle, something else to look forward to! If you want to read more of my blogs on Oil Seed Rape just type #oilseedrape in the search box and they should all appear. Remember to use the hashtag

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