• Philip

Canary Grass

Not everyone’s choice but Canary grass (Phalaris canariensis) can be a successful commercial crop.

The seeds are shiny brown and used as bird food. When sold as such it can often be mixed with Oil seed rape seed.

Industrially, a flour can be made which is employed in the manufacture of fine cotton goods and silk stuffs.

These photos show a successful establishment crop nicely in row along with its appearance in the vegetative stage. Spring planted it needs little in the way of fertiliser. Spraying is a problem since there are no guarantees about selectively killing grass weeds growing within the crop but there are options for broad leaf weed control.

This large, coarse grass has erect stems, growing 600 to 1800 mm tall. As for harvest; best we think “Linseed.” That may put a few more off the idea of growing it!

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