• Philip

Blackgrass, Soil Texture and plant density

It is useful to note that in the worst blackgrass fields, the density of black grass is always variable but often closely associated with a specific soil textural group and its overall condition.

Predominantly the clays and those areas of poorer drainage have a higher weed burden.

One of the alleviation factors often cited as a means of overcoming this disadvantage is to increase the seed rate at the time of planting to ensure there are sufficient plants to out-compete the weeds. There are all manner of electronic systems capable of doing this, all of course at a price.

It should be remembered however, that the role higher seed rates play is in reducing black grass 'tillering' ability.

It is herbicides that remain responsible for controlling the actual weed numbers and they don’t work well or reliably in saturated soil, what ever the textural group.

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