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Blackgrass Control

Killing the current populations of Blackgrass found in many fields takes some doing with our current range of herbicides.

We thought that when “Atlantis” came along and replaced the likes of “Topik” we had it sorted yet now a days we still have to rely on herbicides such as Avadex or Stomp to “weaken” the weed sufficiently to allow the contact materials any chance of success.

These photos below in the slideshow show the effect of Pendimethalin (Stomp) on the root system of the blackgrass plant. It is still quite amazing that a large plant such as this seems able to hang on to life. Had it been a commercial crop of we were growing it would have given up the ghost ages ago.

I should add of course… the pendimethalin has “bonzied” the weed into the bottom of the crop so at least it is “uncompetitive” and the seed return will be limited. Not bad for a chemical which was first registered in 1974!

Avadex started its life in 1960 and then came to market in it “current form” in 1964. Before its “fall from popularity” (due to newer herbicide developments) work was already underway looking at resistance to the chemical in wild oat populations… bet you didn’t know that!

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