• Philip

Beet Crops and Ladybird

Well the beet crops seem to be doing alright despite this continued dry weather. Beet generally and more especially by variety can tolerate water stress down to 30-50% of field capacity. That said increasing the amount of available water causes an increase in dry matter accumulation and root yield even if it can sometimes decrease sugar content.

On top of this leaf in its multi coloured pyjama’s we have a lady bird larvae. So he is either lost or we now have a population of aphids in the crop which are going to require treatment if yield robbing virus is not to become too prevalent. Unfortunately with a little to much ease here are the offenders stuck on the underside of the leaf.

Fortunately we still have a couple of insecticides that may work, however the numbers being found in beet crops this season are on the high side and whether one spray will be enough is another question yet to be answered.

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