• Philip

Are you in control of BLIGHT

Blight control in potatoes. Easy really! Isolate the field from other potatoes and spray every 7 days with “Dithane.” Nowadays judging by the amount you hear about blight in people’s crops it does not appear to be that simple.

The chemical Cymoxanil (as in Curzate) are still highly effective on blight some 48 years after discovery.

Recommendations for the use of such materials have changed. It is now recognised that certain active ingredients should only be applied a maximum number of times per season.

This is easy to forget since active ingredients with different names can belong to a single group and over reliance on one group means blight has a chance to find a way in.

If you started spraying on the 1st June and treat every 7 days that is 8 applications so far this season. Have you checked to see that you are not using the same chemistry each time or are about to go back to the same chemistry you first started with? Why not ask your agronomist!

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