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Activities at Revive continue...

Weather the weather is good or weather the weather is bad there is always work to occupy the mind if not the tractor seat. A very wet December has stopped field work and a cold Northerly wind means little is growing. So what am I doing?

January sees me in the farm office reviewing the success of the previous autumn. Each field needs a yield target set so that inputs maybe targeted for a budgeted return.

The main input that drives yield is Nitrogen and crop requirements need to be estimated so that the logistics of stock management can be sorted. Assessment of plant populations, herbicide successes and actions required prior to spring planting are also on the list of things to do.

Many spray operators will consider gaining their NRoSO points where as for an agronomist like me it is BASIS points. There is an annual requirement of 50. Some of these come from attendance at training meetings. Since COVID has put a stop to that then training is this year “on line.” The Association of Independent Crop Consultants conference starts next week, something I am looking forward to. More on that of course to follow in future blogs.

And whilst I am never idle we are also working on reviving the Revive website….a sneak preview is below

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