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A Spring barley crop with oats mixed in, what to do?

Well, spray much earlier than this for a start! It is easy to anticipate a problem based on previous history and experience. You can see them emerge quite easily pre Zadock growth stage 30, but what options do you have for their control?

There are residual soil acting materials but all these rely on adequate moisture to provide some degree of consistency in control. There are the contact materials such as “Cheetah” or “Axial” but they can be a bit pricy so what if I leave them?

Are they all Winter Wild oats or Spring Oats, does the species matter when I choose my herbicide? Is that a Tame one? I wonder what variety it is since some varieties appear easier to kill than others. Should I be concerned about this odd looking “oat” mixed in with the others?

Well they do look a bit of a mess; they contaminate the harvested grain which means it is only suitable for feed and arguably only on my farm. I can’t keep this for home saved seed (even if I pay the royalties) and I am going to have to consider cleaning it if I want to sell it (even to the neighbour!) The oat seed is likely to raise the grain moisture content and increase the risk of storage problems. If I set the combine to blow it out the back then my problems are solved – there maybe a few more in next years crop. How long are wild oat seeds viable for in the soil? Maybe I will spray them….next time!

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