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On farm I find myself in discussion about the UK Governments Sustainable Farm Initiative.  What do I think about applying for one part of the scheme or another.  What will it involve and what is the likely payback for the time invested.  One of my answers revolves around “Asset Value.”  That is, by taking time to participate will this increase the capital financial value of the business.  For some, yes it will,  others, maybe not.


One over looked “capital asset” for a farm is that of farmyard manure (FYM.)  Statements like “Do you place enough value on farmyard manure” are to be found published within our industry.  In reality you should acknowledge and value all the properties of FYM, you should take them into account as part of soil (SAM1) and land management.


However FYM has an immediate financial value once applied to land upon which a crop is grown.  Not only will it improve the organic matter content of the soil but it will also provide a plethora of microorganisms of various types, shapes and sizes.  Basically it is teeming with billions of microbes both alive and dead.  Therefore an application of manure based upon tonnes per ha is more likely to “enrich” the biological content/activity of your soil to a far greater extent  than 25.0 lt/ha of Bloggo  (or in some cases 333 ml/ha) at a price of £25.00/ha.


Speaking of money that also reminds me of another “field observation” I recently made.  Whilst talking to a 3rd party in a yard I happened to note two pallets of “bagged farmyard manure.”  Each bag contained 40 lt (when filled) that should equate to around 30 kg in weight.  When I enquired as to the price per bag I was immediately offered a “similar product” for a mere £16.00 per bag.  Further research informed me that my preferred brand retailed at £6.96 (inc. VAT) with discounts available should I purchase a full pallet.   My calculator tells me that is £0.232 /kg or £232.00 /t.  “Do you place enough value on farmyard manure.” 



SAM1: Table 2: SFI actions you can do on different land types and features.


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