How to Use The BLOG

The Idea behind the blog is for me to share with you my year field walking and discuss what I see. So its a little like an Agronomists Diary! Always topical and supported with photographs I've taken on farm. I will bring to your attention my thoughts on Disease, Pests, Crops, Varieties, Management, Control, herbicides, pesticides.....the list goes on. Of course if you would like specific information about what you are experiencing on your farm please give me a call.

To use the BLOG
to its full extent I have made it easier for you to search specific topics. In the search field just type a hashtag # and then the word you are interested in reading more about. So for example if you want to read about Oil Seed Rape type #OSR or #oilseedrape and you will be presented with all the blogs that make reference to it.

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