Successful Oil Seed Rape Establishment


Let's start with some questions about your oilseed rape crop


    How many hectares of oilseed rape did you plant for the 2019/20 season?

    How many of these look well and are now in flower?


In this post neonicotinoid world what makes for successful establishment?


    The oilseed rape variety?

    The region you farm in?

    The area you grow?


The answers to these questions along with several others dictate the probability of a successfully established OSR crop.


What is your main oilseed rape establishment method?

    Plough based, minimum tillage, direct seeding.


What percentage of your oilseed rape did you plant in each of the following?

    On or before 7 August, 8 - 20 August, 21- 31 August, 1 - 15 September,       On or after 16 September


There are many techniques that potentially help in the battle against the adult flea beetle.

Which are you using?


Leaving OSR volunteers from previous crops in adjacent fields, spreading organic manures, using seedbed fertiliser, double rolling, applying deterrent sprays or colourants.

The following details are the background data for the image you have clicked on.

Host Field Data    Cropping Year 19 / 20

OSR Winter, Aspire


Soil Type:              Clay Loam.           p.H: 8.2   P: 15   K: 251


Seed Rate:            7 kg/ha.    

Drill date:               23/08/2019


Seed dressing        Hy-Pro Duet Prosper ST Seed-life


Past Crop 18         Wheat Winter

Past Crop 17         Beans Winter Field

Past Crop 16         Barley Winter

Past Crop 15         Wheat Winter


Past Crop 14         OSR Winter       

Past Crop 13         Wheat Winter    

Past Crop 12         Beans Winter Field

Past Crop 11         Barley Winter

Early pod set on Oil Seed Rape, Revive Agronomy

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